Our Boathouse

Located 10 minutes from the TU/e just outside of Eindhoven you find the finest boathouse in the Netherlands. This is where the real student life takes place. Here we row, drink and socialize. On Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays you can even grab something to eat.

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Learn the Language

Language classes are boring. By learning the rowing expressions you learn the dutch language on the go in a quick, easy and fun way. This is also the best way to get to know the Dutch culture.

But no worries, everybody speaks English.

Get fit

Get fit

Rowing is considered on of the most demanding sports not only physically but also mentally.It trains all major muscle groups in your body increasing your overall fitness. At ThĂȘta you can choose to train anything from two to seven times a week to get that beach body or even go for the Olympics.

Develop yourself

Develop yourself

Learn valuable life skills by joining one of the many committees. Anything from the next party to the future of the rowing club is planned, organized and executed by students. Offering many opportunities to develop you organization and people skills.

Your also get in contact with various companies like ASML and Exxonmobil which can give you a head start into your professional life.

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